Monday, April 08, 2013

By The Numbers 14/52

I'm a bit late this week as I stayed over at my uncle's as my mother is staying there while she's in town. I'm now doing this while at work, so will need to come back a bit later to fill in some blanks.

Net cash: $191.30
Jobs Applied for: 0
I'm working on an application for different job at my current work, but am uncertain as I've applied for this role twice before and each time I've had a crash on my bike just after applying, so there's a certain irrational fear associated with it.

Net Calories: -3809 Calories
An ok week but hurt by a few overindulgences along the way seem not to have had too big an impact
Weight: 97kg
Fitocracy Points: 347
So much lower than last week, but still my 2nd best result for the year
Fitocracy level: 8

Bike Riding: 339 km
Darts: let's call it a miss this week
Books read: 0, but I have been churning through Race for the Iron Throne, a political analysis of A Game of Thrones, which also has a lot of interesting history as well
Games Played: 0
BGG stats not withstanding, as I entered a bunch of online plays of games in bulk the other day. I've decided online plays of games against other people I will keep track of, but not if I just play against an AI.

Things done
A big fail on the three things a day this week. However, things done last week include starting a jigsaw puzzle,  exercised once, visited Mum while she's in town, and procrastination. As always, I will try to do better next week


Friendless said...

What site do you play on? I'm on, though I've been slack recently.

Esonlinji said...

Ascension and expansions on the iPad/iPhone and Through the Ages at I'll check out when I feel like I need more procrastination.