Sunday, March 24, 2013

By The Numbers 12/52

Almost at the end of March. My time flies.

Net Cash: $167.74
Jobs Applied for: 0
If job hunting is a numbers game, I'm definitely playing it wrong

Net Calories: -5248 Calories
My will power seems to be improving. On Thursday among my groceries I bought two packets of mint slices, and I'm still making my way through the first packet.
Weight: 97kg
A lean diet this week hasn't really translated into weight loss. At least my pants seem looser around the waist.
Fitocracy points: 165
Walking to the shops instead of getting home delivery really helps with getting exercise
Fitocracy level: 7
I leveled up! Yay for arbitrary numbers increasing

Bike riding: 352km
Books read: 0
Still working through How to Win Friends and Influence People (I'm forcing myself to keep going, once I'm done I'll post some of my thoughts) and The Geek Manifesto on the side
Darts: 501 in 37 rounds
An all round atrocious effort
Games played: 1 St Petersberg

I'm going to add a new section which I'm hoping will make me do more things with my free time rather than just watching tv shows and playing around on the internet. The aim is to do at least three things each day. I've not done it every day this week, but I'll see what I can remember
Wednesday: wrote Intro to Philosophy essay (I'll post it next week after submissions are finalised)
Thursday: Walked to the shops (exercise in general will count as a thing for this), watched English Composition lectures and wrote "I am a Writer" essay,
Friday: read a chunk of How to Make Friends and Influence People
Saturday: watched Microeconomics lectures and completed quiz, looked at handbrake on bike to see why the brake light isn't working properly (the switch isn't working, I'm getting it fixed tomorrow), checked the oil and lubed the chain, played St Petersberg with Simon and Dan and learnt a bit about roofing (social things in general will count)
Sunday: Watched Games without Chance lectures and completed the quiz, watched the storm, mopped the floor (aftermath of the storm), read a chunk of How to Make Friends and Influence People

I'll make notes next week so I can provide a more complete list

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