Sunday, March 10, 2013

By The Numbers 10/52

And we're into March now.

Net Cash: $66
Could be better, but a positive figure
Jobs applied for: 0
I'm slack. But I've been browsing seek more regularly, which is a step forward

Net Calories: -5094 Calories
A pretty good result
Weight: 98kg
Fitocracy points: 271
Fitocracy level: 6
I'm almost at level 7, if I do as much exercise next week I should level up.

Bike Riding: 371km
Books Read: 1
Drift by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC fame. A pretty dismal look at how America has made going to war much easier and with less oversight. Also, the Iran-Contra scandal was even dodgier than I previously understood. I had thought the reason they were using money from arm sales to Iran to help the contras was just to keep it secret. It turns out the reason they did that was because Congress had specifically said you can't spend our money helping the Contras, but Reagan wanted to anyway. I'm now part way through Flight of the Horse by Larry Niven
Darts: I'm skipping this week
Games Played: 1, Cranium, and may I just say I suck at the green ones.

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