Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How How I Met Your Mother Should End

I didn't get on the How I Met Your Mother bandwagon when it first started, despite the presence of Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Stewart in the cast. It was only while I was in hospital that my sister loaned me season 1 and 2 (although disc 1 of season 2 was missing) that I started watching. After I got out of hospital I quickly got caught up on the rest of what was available.

A while ago a thought came to me which would be a really good way to end the show. So for posterity, here it is.

It starts out narrated by a woman, and will be in two parts. The first part would be a swift and succinct summary of known events in the series, such as the yellow umbrella and being in the economics class Ted accidentally taught on his first day as a professor, the dates with the roommate, etc. This would all lead up to the day. The second part would be the story of a regular day, leading up to the meeting of Ted and the woman, the say "Hi", and then the narrator states "And that's how I met your father." Cut to the two kids, relieved to have finally found out what their father has taken 6 season and running to recount. I'm not sure how they should meet, it could be a blind date, or a chance meeting at the bar downstairs, or maybe at a function for the opening of the building Ted designed. The exact details can be left to the writers, but the key is the contrast between Ted's very long story and Mrs Ted's direct and to the point retelling.

The only weakness in this is the fact that it sidelines the main cast for what should be their grand finale, although this could be remedied by having coincidental interactions between Mrs Ted and the cast, e.g., she could be in an exercise class with Robin, she takes her nephew to Laser tag and bumps into Barney, etc.

And now, for orange flavoured dark chocolate.

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