Saturday, May 12, 2007


Regular readers may recall that at the end of March I put forward a plan for April. You can read it here if you forgot, but the general idea was that I would eat dinner at 30 different restaurants during April, with exceptions for social events being allowed. This was not achieved.

The list of places I went to runs as following for the first half of the month went as follows (I made notes)
  • Crepes & Desert Cafe Aphrodite (now a fixture on my lunch menu)
  • Captain Kangaroos (regular Monday night haunt)
  • Hankyu Soba across the road from the station
  • The Ramen place down the road

So far so good. Then came a bad headache, which caused me to revise the rules. Instead of all new places to dine, I downgraded to no repeats during April. This then allowed
  • MacDonalds
  • KFC
  • The 280 yen Bar (everything is 280 yen, plus tax)
  • Karage bought at a stand during a Hanami party
  • Captain Kangaroos
  • Convenient Food (instant noodles)
  • Yoshinoya
  • CocoIchiban (a curry restaurant)
  • Saizeria
  • Mos Burger
This is where I stopped taking notes, as it's around this time I gave up and started repeating places. So, I failed in my plan for April. I have not made such a bold plan for May, however I will be going to some of the new places I tried (the ramen shop and the crepe place).

My main plan for May is to keep jogging. I bought some running shoes in late April (jogging in steel caps is just plain stupid). I've been running around the nearby baseball diamond, usually just 3 or 4 laps. It's the only piece of non paved ground that is of a decent size that is publicly accessible and not in front of a shrine. It's also across the road from a convenience store, so I usually grab breakfast from the convenience store. This is a plus as normally on the days I go jogging is are those where I start late or don't work and so have a relatively late or non-existent breakfast.

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