Saturday, May 05, 2007

Evaluated Again

Today I had my six month mid contract observation. It was a mid level lesson which I was grateful for (too high and it's hard to stick to the standard lesson plan, too low and it's hard to give instructions). The lesson went OK, but the follow up was a bit dodge.

The main thing I didn't like was the way the AT started by saying there was lots of good things about the lesson, but they way he said it made it clear that there was a but coming. It wasn't that I don't think there are things I can work on, it was more just the way he presented it. I got the impression of false sincerity, like the positive comments were just there because that was part of the whole observation review plan (NOVA has plans for pretty much everything).

Anyway, I'll try and incorporate the advice I was given so I do a better job teaching, but am a bit disheartened at the attitude shown by the AT.

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