Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Podcasts I Listen To

This is mainly so I can find the list of podcasts I listen to for when I acquire a new computer in the next month or so. A list of the podcasts I listen to can be downloaded from here.
The list is
A Brobdingnagian Minute, Jedi drinking songs and more.
Ask A Ninja, the only ninja who could beat a robot pirate monkey.
Battlestar Galactica commentary by Ron Moore.
Digital Debates, some American politics.
Galactica Sitrep, Battlestar Galactica news.
Galacticast, scifi comedy
Geeknights, late night talk show for geeks.
Hope is Emo, Emo kids are funny.
Mathgrad Maths is cool.
Media Watch, the best news show in Oz.
Military History Podcast, a little history about fights.
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Americans lame ass attempt at a show like Good News Week. They have some success.
Penn Radio, the home of Monkey Tuesday.
Point of Inquiry, Yay secular humanists.
Briefly Patriotic, these are very scary people.
Slate Explainer, find out the stuff that you don't think to find out until you really have to.
The Chaser's War on Everything (here's hoping it comes back this year)
The Combat Information Center, more Battlestar Galactica talk.
The Onion Radio News
The Signal, after early cancellation several years ago, people are still talking about Firefly.
Sunday Night Safran, as the show says, late night discussion of religion, politics and hoochies.

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