Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Chocolate Coated Sultana of the Soul

Chocolate sultanas are really good. Chocolate just by itself tends to get overwhelming on the pallete with too much. Sultanas are nice but tend to be consumed in bulk preventing each sultana being savoured. But the sultana covered in chocolate, now that is confectionary delight. The best of both worlds.

It seems rather dissapointing that I could not think of anything better to write about than chocolate sultanas. Perhaps I should just describe the posters scattering my room. It's just as deep and meaningful.

My life has no purpose. I have a moderate hedonistic philosophy tempered with a little attempt for validation. My recipe for a good life consists of
1) Do whatever you want
2) Don't prevent others from doing point 1
3) Contribute something positive to society
From this I can derive most of the morality I think is right. Murder is out since it violates point 2. Point 1 is mostly intended to be positive things, like spending time with friends, etc. Points 1 & 2 kind of define a zero-sum game. Everyone does what they want. Point 3 changes this so that everyone adds something good to society. Some people may do community work, raise a family, contribute new knowledge, or something.

Until recently, my plan for satisfying point 3 was to de research and so contribute new knowledge to society. Nowadays, I no longer find the prospect of doing research as a career as desirable as it once was. This has been building up for a while. Up until only a year or two ago, I had no plan but to do just this. So now, I need to not just decide what it is I want to do for a career, but also decide how I will satisfy point 3 of my guide for a worthwhile life.

I'm currently giving some thought to volunteering with a charity of some sort. There's a few around that I've considered before with volunteering to help out, but just never got motivated enough to do so. Now, I think I'll do so.

And finally, there are four posters around my room. Above my desk is one with the charge from the start of The Fellowship of the Ring, there's a Kill Bill poster on one of my cupboard doors, a parody of a Pulp fiction poster with Miss Piggy instead of Uma Thurman, and a Yoda poster.

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