Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Party Games 2022 0/38

So it's time to dust off the old blog. I've been considering resuming writing stuff here since about the start of the year, but haven't felt I'd be able to write consistently enough to be worthwhile. But a new federal election has been called, and so masochist that I am, another run of political party reviews seems a good place to start.

I did skip the previous election cycle. That was because I applied to be a poll worker with the AEC and thought that doing that and publicly posting a review of every party contesting the election wouldn't be a great pairing, and by the time I decided the AEC wasn't going to call with a job offer, it was too late to go through the whole process. This time round I'm no longer working a Monday to Friday 9-5 type job, which combined with concerns about COVID mean I didn't apply this year, and so feel free to post whatever I want.

 So where to from here. I've got a list of registered political parties from the AEC website. Candidates are declared on April 22 so while I'm going to start my reading and writing now, I'll start posting after the 22nd and cut from my list any parties that don't nominate anyone. I'm also not going to include independents, because there's too many of them to be comprehensive, and just the 38 currently registered political parties is a lot.

As usual I'll write about what I found that I like about a party, what I didn't like, and anything novel or unusual I find. I'm also going to invite controversy by stating how I think the party has done on the issue of COVID. Note that this does not mean that I am interested in every crackpot view on COVID, and reserve the right to delete any such that pop up in the comments (and no this isn't that I'm afraid of debate, or don't want to see the truth, I'm just tired of the bullshit some people come up with).

I'll also be going back to previous entries for the parties, seeing if they've changed for better or for worse, and comparing how I feel about them now with how I felt in previous years.

So for now I've got a fair bit of reading to do, and I'll start posting more after the 22nd (I'm not sure if a weekend of night shifts at work will help or hinder this effort).

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