Friday, July 01, 2016

Party Games 53/55 The Greens

Now it's time for the bigger players. I've left these to last because honestly, if you don't know where you stand with regards to these by this stage, I'm not sure what to say. Ask the people handing out how to vote cards to tell you a joke and vote for who tells the funniest. Or ask them why you should vote for their party without mentioning any other party (the biggest failure I've seen when doing this was when the second word they said was the name of the other major party, and "well, he's my brother in law" is a honorable second worst.) Anyway on to the party in question.

The Greens are the most established of the minor parties, and have grown in influence since the demise of the Australian Democrats over a decade ago. They've worked well with governments from both the major parties, but haven't been pushovers either. They also have the only politician to attend PAXAus, Scott Ludlam.

Of course their main focus is environmental issues. They're good on climate change and areas like protecting the reef. I don't agree with their call for a full ban on nuclear power and closing down the Lucas Heights reactor that produces radioactive materials used for medical and research purposes. I also feel that they are too alarmist when it comes to genetically modified organisms, although they're not as bad as one party that said they'd only allow genetic modification done through traditional means (I think they meant selective breeding but I'm sure I could make a case that CRISPR is becoming a traditional tool.)

In other areas they are for marriage equality, better public transport, better health care and social services, and better support for artists. These I can get behind.

Overall, pretty good, and they deserve to keep their place as the major balance of power player in the senate.

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