Monday, April 14, 2014

BTN 2.0 15/52

So closer to when I'm meant to do this.

Net Cash: -$97.55
Jobs applied for: 0

Weight: 95 kg

Bike riding: 389 km
Books read: 1
Look Who's Back. Hitler reappearing in modern day Germany and gets mistaken for an Ali G type character actor makes for an amusing book.
Movies see: 1
Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Enjoyable film. I will have to go back and rewatch the last few episodes of Agents of Shield as the events there now make some more sense given the context, although it does raise some questions as to what exactly their plan for season 2 is.
Games played: 4. 2x Hanabi, 1x Lords of Waterdeep, and some online poker.

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