Monday, July 01, 2013

By the Pictures 1/?

Halfway through the year, lets convert all these numbers into some pictures

One of the more varied graphs. Overall more positive than negative, but a bit more discipline is needed (at least until I get a better paying job).

 A graph of Jobs Applied For is just a few delta spikes and mainly a testament to my slackness.

Net Calories
In only 6 of 26 weeks did I go over my weekly target. It would appear I'm getting used to being hungry, although the realization that exercising let's me eat more food has helped as well.

Steady progress for most of the year, but that seems to have plateaued over the last month or so.

Fitocracy points
A slow start that's picked up as the year progresses. Getting the dumbbells a while ago has added some variety and made it easier to get more points (I can do a treadmill session and a dumbbell session in a day and not feel too put out, but to get the same number of points with just the treadmill would be tough).

Bike Riding
Yeah, pretty consistent most of the time.

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