Sunday, January 20, 2013

By the Numbers 3/52

Week no 3 and I'm still going

Net Wealth gain: -$256.35
This wipes out a good chunk of what I've gained in the last two weeks. The main driver of this was needing to replace the chain on my bike. That was a tad over $300 for parts and labour. On top of that, bookfest started on Saturday, and I spent about $70 there.
Jobs applied for: 0
I know I need a new job. I just hate the whole looking for, applying for, and interviewing process.

Net Calories: -1985 Calories
Been pretty good this week. Portion control thanks to mainly microwave dinners is helping to keep this down. Having a cake for lunch today not so good.
Fitocracy points: 187
Not as much time spent on the treadmill this week.
Fitocracy level: 6
I leveled up. Yay for arbitrary milestones
Weight: 103kg
More Yay

Bike riding: 381km
I think I might have made a typo putting in the initial odometer reading, as I did the same amount of riding as last week (commuting to work), but have a higher figure, and one that's closer to what I would have expected given the distances involved. (I calculate the weekly figures by checking the odometer each Sunday rather than keeping a log of what I travel during the week)
Books completed: 0
Books acquired: 29
Working my way the A Game of Thrones again. It's a big book, and I'm not committing as much time to it as I did Memory of Light last week. After that I'll go through some of my new acquisitions.
Darts: 501 in 24 rounds
After feeling 301 was not big enough, I completely sucked at 501. I should practice more.

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