Sunday, April 10, 2011

In which things go from a little bit biological to a little bit shit

So I went to the hospital on Friday to find out more about the stuff coming out of my leg. This started with another set of x-rays (this is the standard procedure. x-rays pretty much on the appointment time, and then waiting another 30 mins to an hour to actually see a doctor). I got moved to the more private waiting room around 10:00 and met the doctor a little after that. I explained the situation to the doctor and he checked a few things and got a copy of some of the test results I'd had done earlier (I was kind of surprised how easy it is to just get someone's test results - their name, date of birth, and a plausible sounding story). He was a bit concerned and suggested that they may want to take out the screw that's underneath the spot in question just to be safe.
However, before committing to this course of action, he decided to confirm it with the head of the department, which entailed a bit of waiting as he was finishing up dealing with someone who had been in an accident. While waiting I got into conversation with another guy waiting there and we compared scars and war stories.

The head doctor finally arrived, and presumably after a bit of discussion with first doctor, he came in, had a quick look, and decided they should take all the metal out. I imagine some of this is being extra cautious, some is deciding that if they're going to put me under the knife it's better to do it all at once rather than do a bit now and another bit later on, and some is other doctor stuff I don't know about.

So I've been booked in for surgery next Thursday. The 14th of April. Which is my birthday. My 30th birthday. Yay me. Bestest birthday ever. Well, I have asked if I can keep the metal as a souvenier/trophy/grim reminder which you could count as a present (if one takes a sufficently naive/optimistic view of things) (Idea, rig up the bits of metal so that they are in the position they were in my leg. I shall have to discuss this with one of my arist friends (yes, I have artist friends (not many))).

This has knocked me about a bit. It will knock me about more as well. I'm going to be back on crutches for a while as the bone is going to be a fair bit weaker for a while. This is because there is going to be a dozen or so holes in the bone where the screws are now, and the screws seem to go every which way through the leg.

This is going to mess with a few plans. I'm hoping I can still go to Bordercon in June (a gaming convention), but I've given up the idea of spending a few days after that in Melbourne. I'm in the process of deferring my current unit in my finance course, as the final exam is a mere 5 days after the surgery, and even if I am able to make it in to the exam, I'll be too doped up to do a decent job (and given my assignment I'll need to do a decent job (well, actually just pass, but I'm used to having a bit of a margin to play with)). I'm also a bit annoyed at the timing as there are a few good movies coming out over the next few weeks (Paul with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen comes out on Thursday, and Thor comes out the week after).

Work's been pretty good again, but I just hope that I don't have to miss as much time as last time. That doesn't seem likely as the doctors said I should be discharged the day after surgery, but given the delays before and after the first surgery, I'm taking that as an estimate at this stage.

I'm also kind of curious what they will do about the holes in the leg. Will they fill it with something that will go away as the bone regrows, or will they leave it with the gaps and let blood or whatever's on the inside of the leg seep in and the bone marrow seep out? Or maybe I'm better off not knowing.

Anyway, I can't think of much more to say (I've got a long list of stuff to do (stocking up on snacks, laundry, cleaning up my room, a ton of paperwork for various people, and others I haven't though of yet), so here's to quiet days at work which means I can get away with blogging while I should be/am working (huzzah) (maybe I should ask to finish early (but the money is good and will be short for the near future, so maybe not)).

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Great blog! Although things go from biological to a little bit shit, you are a brilliant writer.