Friday, March 27, 2009

An unexamined blog is not worth blogging

This message is brought to you by Google Analytics.

to the person from Sydney who keeps looking for this blog on Google, it's "Phlebas Considered" not "Phelbas Considered". I'd think after 33 visits you might want to consider bookmarking this site.

On a similar note, all of you looking for help on Project Euler's Problem No 202, you won't find it here. I bitched about how insanely tough it was once.

A list of other interesting search terms that have brought people here include crazy shit in Japan, prime meridian mecca, size of a fridge, "grand romantic gestures", burqa bdsm, bunny javascript, fake kgb badges, Iranian cunt, lesbians in okinawa, self righteousness #2 killer in world, what does it mean steady progress (I think a parent may have been wondering what a monthly report meant)

Finally, since some people are apparently wondering, for my purposes, Phlebas is pronounced "flee-bas".

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