Thursday, September 18, 2008

Extended Stay

Last week my boss asked me if I would extend my contract for two months for various recruitment related reasons that are a bit more convoluted than I particularly want to go into.

This caused me some serious thought as I was kind of looking forward to finishing my contract and going traveling. Some of my classes can be quite frustrating, while others I enjoy.

I was initially reluctant, having seen the hassles others have gone through to get a new visa.

One of the things that had me leaning towards renewing was my travel plans for after I finished, which had several rather cold countries at the start and traveling there during February is more appealing than doing so in December. Staying on will also give me a bit more money. Also, traveling alone for Christmas wasn't that appealing.

So now I'm going to work an extra two months and finish at the end of January. I think I'll stick around in Korea for a week or two after that to do some final sight seeing like the DMZ, and then take a ferry across to Russia and a long train ride to Moscow.

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Hewhoblogs said...

I am reading a book about Moscow.

I hope Stalin won't be there.

Anonymous said...

I should actually point out that while Feb might be warmer than Dec, it'll still be about -15, winter doesn't finish until the middle-end of March I don't think. Having said that, one of my students keeps telling me about Moscow and how beautiful it is in winter - should be fantastic! You'll be there just after the Orthodox Christmas too! :)`