Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today I shaved for the first time since October 25th. That was the last day I actually worked, as opposed to intended to work, since NOVA closed all branches the following day. I had grown somewhat of a beard, although I can't really grow much of one, and it was getting itchy. I had stopped shaving mainly because I didn't want to pay for razor blades. However today I had cause to look presentable. Today I got my visa number for a new job in Korea and intended to visit the embassy to collect my visa. The process involved submitting a passport sized photo, so I didn't want to go in looking like a deadbeat.

Anyway, it looks like I wasn't meant to get the visa today, as I had a few mishaps on the way. First I had to go in to print out the application form. As I was filling in the form, I realized I had left my passport at home. Then once I reached the station near the embassy with my passport and other documents, I got lost and wandered around Namba. When I finally got to the embassy it was about 45 minutes after they stopped accepting applications for the day.

Anyway, I shall probably wait until I the day I start my new job before I shave again.

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