Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Perth Pink

A few weeks ago I bought a new book. In Japan, my strategy for buying books has mainly been to go for quantity that is quality. This has meant that I've mostly been perusing the classics section of the English shelves. My most recent purchase is somewhat the epitome of this buying philosophy, the canonical long book. The book is none other than War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

I've yet to start reading the book. It is sitting on my shelf, still in the bag from the book shop (honya). To paraphrase Monty Python: "This is not a book for reading, it is a book for laying down and avoiding."

I do plan to start reading it soon. This was not helped by my birthday though. From a friend over here I got another book of the lay down and avoid variety; Crime and Punishment (can anyone think of a non-daunting book with a title of the form x and y?), and from my Aunt I got 5 Ben Elton novels. Elton has got a good reputation as a writer and since he is somewhat responsible for Blackadder 2-4 (he was one of the writers), so those are looking tempting. A lot lighter than what I've read lately.

The book I have been reading for the last few weeks (I think I borrowed it from the Takarazuka school the day after I bought War and Peace) is Mobile Suit Gundam, a novelization of an anime series. It didn't seem that great as a novel, but I think giant robots flying around and fighting in space is always going to be better in a visual medium. I might try and acquire a few episodes to watch if I can.

I'm going to try and start on War and Peace soon, and see how I go.

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David Barry said...

I found Crime and Punishment surprisingly easy-going, once I got used to the very long speeches. It only took me a week. (The Brothers Karamazov took closer to a month.)

I'll be starting War and Peace once I finish my current book, so probably in a couple of weeks.

Hewhoblogs said...

Tolstoy isn't hard to read, just really long. I started reading Anna Karenina but stopped caring even a little bit about any of the characters at about page 200. Having said that I still intend to read War and Peace because Anna Karenina being killed by Napoleon would have been really cool.