Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Night Musings

A quiet week this week. I spent perhaps a little more time getting to know my computer than I should have, and playing Mario Kart on my DS. Next week I shall try and limit the amount of time I spend sitting in front of the computer. That doesn't mean it won't be on, just I won't be actively using it. I just need to make sure I don't find more things with it to play with. For instance, tonight I found out that the mac comes with Apache and PHP preinstalled, and so of course had to get that up and working and play with it a bit.

Work is getting to be pretty much routine. I've done most of the ordinary lessons enough now that I don't really need to do much preparation any more. Kids lessons are also no longer a major hassle, just some of the kids. For some classes I wish I had one of those adjustable gates parents use to block doorways because there is one kid who is a bit precocious and whenever something doesn't go her way she runs out of the room. The gate would be handy in preventing that.

Over the last week or two I've had some training for some of the specialised classes that Nova teaches, which have basically been 40 minute briefings on what the aims of the course are and what the lesson management plans (LMPs for those who use the things) look like. Then your on your own. I've yet to actually teach one of these classes, but we'll see how things go when I do.

I'm currently reading a book of short stories by Neil Gaiman. Most of them are pretty good. They're a bit different and are usually humorous. I particularly like the one where going out and giving presents each year is part of an eternal punishment for Santa Claus and the elves are his jailers. It's impressive what you can do with just 100 words.

I got a new game for my DS when I bought my computer. Mario Kart DS. It's pretty good, lots of fun, and so far there's always something new to try. In addition to all the different single player games, you can play online using a wireless internet connection. A pretty good challenge. I played a little bit last night and the result after 4 races was a three way tie.

Anyway, I should stop typing now as it is getting late and I haven't been sleeping much this week (too much messing around on the computer coupled with my housemates alarm clock going off early for my liking).

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