Friday, April 07, 2006

Interviewing some more

Today I had an interview for the data analyst job I discussed two posts ago. After the phone interview, which got postponed to a day later (I only got notified this half an hour after it should have started), I did some more testing. Some psychometrics, which I did from at home, and then I went into the recruitment company to do some verbal and mathematical problem solving tests, which were also done online with the same system as the psychometrics, but I guess they wanted to make sure that it was actually me doing the test.

The interview today consisted of a teleconference with the director of the division I'd be working in, which was the longest and toughest part, a shorter interview with the person who would be my immediate supervisor, who I had the phone interview with earlier, and a short session with the HR and IT managers.

I thought it went ok, some parts were tough, but others went well, so I was a bit concerned and anxious about finding out how I went, as they said it would take maybe a week to shortlist people for the next stage.

Since I started typing I've found out that it went better than I thought, and I am going onto the next stage, which will be a teleconference with one of the owners. They also asked me to get a police certificate showing that I don't have a criminal record. I'm going to sort this out on Monday.

On another topic, I'm actually becoming active in an online forum. It's a forum for a podcast I listen to, geeknights. I've done the classic just hang around thing, and slowly interact more and more. The people on the forum are from all over the place (mainly the US and Australia), but the number of shared interests are pretty impressive. Anyway, this is something new for me, as I don't really do the chat, bulletin board thing despite the amount of time I spend online. I remember when I first got an internet connection at home using ICQ to chat with random people, but stopped doing that during uni because my university provided account blocked chat programs.

Well that's it for now. I'm going to stick with the technorati tags, see if I can't get some readers.

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